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The Venture Acceleration Program

Great for new companies/entrepreneurs
The Venture Acceleration Program (VAP) is our most popular and successful program because of its goal-orientated approach.

The program supports committed entrepreneurs in taking new & innovative business ideas to market.

Participating entrepreneurs will have access to one-on-one business coaching, entrepreneurial training and resources, and other support services.

The Venture Acceleration Program is an initiative of Innovate BC.

Help me with my new business
What to Expect
An introduction to the program, peers, and Kamloops Innovation (KI) network which provides support throughout the various phases of the entrepreneurial journey.
One-on-one mentor sessions to coach through conceptual learning and provide honest and transparent feedback.
Quarterly Reviews
Board-like sessions to establish and reflect on goals, celebrate success and access experts to assist in company progress.
Peer Groups
Participate in gatherings with your peers to connect, encourage, and support one another.
Entrepreneurial Training
Training sessions on the six core learnings to develop the skills needed to discover product and market fit.
Expert Days
Connect with KI partners as they offer their expertise in workshops followed by open office hours to answer company specific questions.
Scheduled touch points to ensure customized engagement with resources, events, and expertise.
Entrepreneurs are equipped with the knowledge to determine product-market fit for launch.
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Great for more established

RevUp was built to help established companies overcome three common challenges with growth:

  • Building repeatable and scalable revenue models
  • Inefficient business and operational processes
  • Capital management and accessing growth capital

RevUp is a 6 month program where you get to work with other established companies and mentors who have gone through what you’re going through and understand growth problems in multiple industries.

Our goal is to help you grow your business throughout a variety of means, including: customized action plans, mentorship and coaching for the leadership team, training opportunities, and peer-to-peer engagement.

RevUp would be great for you, if you:

  • Are a product-based, tech-enabled company
  • Have an established revenue model and product-market fit.
  • Are committed to high growth
  • Have a senior management team in place
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Stacey Owen

"The Kamloops Innovation Centre's VAP program helped to kickstart my entrepreneurial experience with KIC while starting my company, Pepper - Your Badass Business BFF Inc. The ongoing support from mentors and staff helped me to troubleshoot ideas, while the community has given me access to other entrepreneurial minds to bounce ideas off. Being an entrepreneur is tough and tapping into the KIC community was the energy injection that we needed!"

Tammy Uyeda

"A super valuable resource, co-working space, and meet-up place for Kamloops and Area entrepreneurs and innovators!"

Stefanie Butland

"The value here is all about the people and learning what they’re doing and making connections. We all have different jobs but there are commonalities with everyone. It's a key place in Kamloops where you can talk about your strategic hopes and dreams with like-minded people.”

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