New Parallel

New Parallel began their journey with Kamloops Innovation Centre (KIC) and the TRU Generator in 2017. Since then, the film production company has grown to take on some seriously impressive clients such as Destination BC, Domtar, Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, Thompson Rivers University and many more.

Jared Putnam, Owner and Creative Director of New Parallel noted the impact from his time with KIC, and the TRU Generator, had on his company and gives credit to KIC mentorship programs in helping them to take the necessary steps to be successful.

“My mentor showed me how to make a living being self-employed and kept me accountable in working hard toward something that I was proud of.”  

During their time working with Kamloops Innovation Centre, New Parallel founders received regular mentorship and classroom lessons covering a broad range of topics from marketing to front and back-end support, helping them become a fully functioning business. The company was provided with office space and the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who were pursuing a similar path, starting, and growing their business from an idea to a thriving venture.  

Jared continues to value the mentorship provided to them by KIC and notes the VAP program not only helped them to grow and progress but held them accountable and kept them on track through stages of change and growth.

The crew recently expanded to Vancouver and is taking on work across the region and province.