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Inside an Entrepreneur’s Mind

Inside an Entrepreneur’s Mind

A Kamloops visionary sheds light on her philosophy for success and describes the help she’ll receive through her new membership with KIC.

At Kamloops Innovation Centre (KIC), a local technology incubator, we are revolutionizing the business world, one entrepreneur at a time. A gathering place for Kamloops’ sharpest minds, we prepare entrepreneurs to take the market by storm by providing essential business resources, networking advantages, and even office space.

A major component of KIC’s success is the fun, dynamic atmosphere we house and encourage, which is propelled by the exciting new members we’re continuously gaining. Our newest addition is the exquisitely talented Krysta Francoeur, a vital addition to KIC’s culture. As owner of Studi09 Creative Services, a boutique marketing and design agency specializing in unique brand building and advertising, we’re excited to add her creative expertise to our catalytic ventures.

Krysta approaches each day with a genuine passion for her work, describing her entrepreneurial life in a word as “fulfilling.” Krysta’s funky, unconventional approach to website, social media, and print design reflects her commitment to a “dare to be different” motto evident in every facet of her business.

We asked Krysta to provide us with insight into the amazing dedication that sets Studi09’s services above its peers. In the midst of juggling client and contractor meetings, managing emails, brainstorming, and designing, Krysta was kind enough to carve out a moment to answer a few questions for KIC:


KIC: What motivated you to start Studi09?

KRYSTA: After a long and tedious line of unfulfilling design jobs in just about every area a designer can work – government, web development, ad agency, and freelancing – I decided to forge out a new kind of agency called Studi09 Creative Services. My previous positions in the design world taught me “what not to do” in many instances and have instilled a greater respect for my clients.

KIC: Speak a bit on your passion for creative marketing – why did you choose this niche?

KRYSTA: I love what I do and truly believe that all businesses can benefit from my expertise. I regard what I do as both art and science. My philosophy involves blending strategy with design to produce a high quality product that makes each and every one of my clients special in some way, to make them stand out from the crowd.

KIC: What makes you unique, and what methods do you use to ensure your creative branding sets your clients apart from the rest?

KRYSTA: What makes me unique is my ability to actually listen to my clients and come up with creative solutions for their marketing needs. I realize that just like myself, my clients are busy business people with budgets and need someone to level with them – not sell to them.

KIC: Who is your greatest role model?

KRYSTA: My greatest role model is Arlene Dickinson for being both a powerful businesswoman in Canada, and for her success in the marketing and media world. Plus, I love her hair!

KIC: Where do you want to be in 10 years?

KRYSTA: In 10 years, I’d like have Studi09 Creative Services running smoothly and act solely as Creative Director. I also would like to be well established in other businesses I have been keen on starting.

KIC: What is your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?

KRYSTA: My favorite part of being an entrepreneur is being accountable to my clients and myself and having the freedom to travel a bit. I also love the fact that I started something from scratch and am able to see it grow. It’s interesting to see where being in business takes you.

KIC: What do you believe is the best way for entrepreneurs to grow their customer base?

KRYSTA: I believe the best way for entrepreneurs to grow their customer base is to network, network, and network some more. Also, be kind and helpful to your clients, always respond to those interested in working for you, and always deliver the best quality product.

KIC: What has being an active part of KIC taught you so far?

KRYSTA: KIC has taught me that there is a whole underground network of highly intelligent individuals and amazing businesses hiding in Kamloops. There is so much potential here and we now have the ability to feed off each other. 

Krysta’s excitement as a new member of KIC is positively contagious. Looking ahead to the benefits she’ll obtain from KIC, Krysta says, “I look forward to being a part of something that I believe will change our community and economy in an exceptional way.” She continues, “Whether it’s teaming up with the local university to help programs gain insight into what is needed in the technology industry, or being a part of creating an amazing product for a new business, the goal is to get the word out that Kamloops has talent and that we’re the outlet to helping businesses find it.”