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High Level Investment Advice for Entrepreneurs

High Level Investment Advice for Entrepreneurs

Kamloops Innovation, BCIC New Ventures, and the Discovery Foundation teamed up to bring Ralph Turfus to Kamloops for an engaging workshop. “Assessing the Opportunity” focused on startups and the entrepreneurs who work hard to turn ideas into sustainable businesses.

Content rich and filled with valuable insights, Ralph shared his perspectives on what an investor looks for and the value of a clear positioning statement.

Ralph walked the group through a series of interactive slides that started with the importance of knowing your customer and finding a way to solve their ‘pain’. He went on to underscore the importance of cash flow, citing the words ‘revenue’ and ‘profit’ are just opinions. Each participant received one-on-one coaching and support from Ralph and the group on their ideas.

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This informative seminar was part of the New Ventures BC Competition speaker series; don’t miss the next one coming up on June 5th!

If you’re interested in viewing this presentation, the slides are available here: Ralph Turfus – NVBC