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Sustainable Startup Communities

Sustainable Startup Communities


Sustainable Startup Communities can happen in virtually any city in the world, says Brad Feld in his book Startup Communities.

Feld details the critical principles for forming a sustainable startup community, emphasizes how an openness to include anyone who is interested in joining the startup community – from students, researchers, and professors to corporate employees, lawyers, government, and investors – is critical, and discusses the various tactics you need to put around them.

Can we create a vibrant  startup community in Kamloops? We think so, and we’re not alone. Brad Feld’s insights have been supported throughout our BC Accelerator Network (BCAN) for a while now, with fans from the Island to the Okanagan. We’ve just purchased several Startup Communities books for our Kamloops Innovation Startup Library. Pop in if you’d like to have a look, or check out Brad Feld’s site, here: