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Make. Cool. Stuff.

Make. Cool. Stuff.

A mash of art, innovation and D-I-Y fearlessness, Kamloops Innovation is holding it’s first Maker Meetup on May 1st.

Wondering what a Maker Meetup is? It’s a totally hands-on experience to get participants using new technology! The Maker Meetup series will feature several different technologies over the year, with a focus on technologies you may have heard of, but aren’t sure exactly how they work. Think of it as a technology show and tell!

We’re kicking off this series with an electrifying throw down, Arduino-style. Learn how to wire a circuit with a brain to make cool things happen! Art projects, robotics, lighting, automate simple processes… the sky’s the limit! No experience necessary.

What do I need to bring?

For the Arduino Maker Meetup all you need is a laptop, we’ll supply everything else! If you’re interested in taking a kit home, they will be available for $60 after the session!

Can I take a kit home?

The 2-hour session includes the use of a complete kit, which will be made available for purchase for $60 at the end of the session. Purchase of the kit is not necessary, they’re supplied during the session.

What can I build?

This is a beginner session to learn how to build the kit for various projects. Arduino kits are used to build and control many projects, have a look in the link to see what other people have built and get inspired!

Limited seats available for this hands-on session, register now at