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BCIC Tech Works

Hiring a student? Two new grants available for BC tech companies!

BCIC Tech Works unites students with valuable training opportunities in BC’s technology sector through the BCIC Innovator Skills Initiative and BC Tech Co-op Grants Program with the ultimate goal of fueling the growth of BC’s vibrant technology sector and furthering the momentum of the BC Jobs Plan.

BCIC Innovator Skills Initiative

This program is delivered by BCIC’s technology industry partners, such as Kamloops Innovation. Students are employed by BC-based technology companies through a BCIC Innovator Skills Initiative Voucher valued from $2,500 to $7,500, which is matched in cash or in-kind contributions by the company.

The BCIC Innovator Skills Initiative (BCIC-ISI) is designed to cultivate future technology entrepreneurs and innovators with the ultimate goal of creating quality, high paying jobs for the BC economy.

Company Eligibility

  • Must be a BC-based technology company and participating in the program partner’s services or programs.
  • Is eligible to receive two vouchers per year.
  • Must provide a 1:1 matching contribution to the voucher funds (in-kind and/or in-cash).
  • Must provide adequate training (business, technical and innovation and entrepreneurial) to meet the program objectives.
  • Must provide a project to the student. Company projects offered to students must be related to business, technical and innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities, and cannot be general administrative duties.

Student Eligibility

  • Must be a post-secondary student currently enrolled at a BC post-secondary institution.
  • Is required to complete the ‘Virtual Market Validation Training’ offered through New Ventures BC, and companies must ensure this is completed.
  • Is eligible for two vouchers per year.
  • Can be a co-op student if the co-op position is not funded by any other co-op subsidization program.
  • Must be employed a reasonable number of hours per week (approximately 25 hours) at a fair market value for a highly skilled student; in accordance with regional and industry differences factoring in local wages, types and lengths of projects.

How to apply?
1. Read through the BCIC ISI Program Guidelines, download here.
2. Download and complete the application form, click here to get started.
3. Download and complete the agreement, then submit all to: Kimberely, Kamloops Innovation – Operations Manager.

BC Tech Co-op Grant

The BC Tech Co-op Grants Program objective is to provide job training and skill development for first time co-op students and to encourage BC companies (99 employees or less) to hire their first co-op student. Grants are valued at $2,700.

Company Eligibility

  • Must be a BC-Based Company (tech firms, non-profit organizations in tech sector, and non-tech companies hiring for tech roles).
  • Must be the company’s first co-op student (in at least 5 years) or this must be the student’s first co-op work term.

Student Eligibility

  • Students must be registered at a BC post-secondary institution
  • Student should be employed a reasonable number of hours per week (eg 20+ hrs/wk) at a fair market rate for a highly skilled student
  • Co-op work placement must be approved by a co-op coordinator working at a BC public post-secondary institution
  • Must be the student’s first co-op work term or must be the company’s first co-op student (in at least 5 years)

Student Benefit

Post-secondary students gain business, technical and innovation/entrepreneurial training, skills and experience.

Company Benefit

BC-based tech companies gain access to top talent, training of future employees, and resources for a project that will move their company forward.