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Kamloops Startup Community Backers

Thank you! Together, we’re building a vibrant Startup Community in Kamloops.
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Elycia Buckley
Tatiana Fedotova
Sergio Lourenco
Sean Roth
Scott Cameron
Ken Jones
Justin McIntyre
Jennifer Cook
Jean Gruneberg
Jaymes Bearden
Jackson Vander Wal
Grant Fraser
Erin Miller
Eden Houghton
David Luca
Ben Verwey
Troy Sandyke

Susan Forseille
John Zubak
Jessi Guercio
Merlin Boissonneault
Lee Bergstrand
Jordan Rinke
Shane McCallum
Shannon Jonson
Amanda Chan
Pierre Coueffin
Danny Rink
Nancy Bepple
Jason Wassing
Jonathan Bowers
Troy Welch
Brian Lamb
Yanni Giftakis

Jayne Rossworn
Afton Flynn
Lincoln Smith
Melissa Lowenberg
Dave Reid
Nevin Webster
Chad Fawcett
Kimberely Eibl
Daryl Chymko
Daniel Houghton
Brayden Wilson
Derek Learmonth
Chris Foster
Ashton & Associates
Thompson Rivers Probus Club
Dr. Michael Henry
Jarrod Goddard – Netshift Media

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