Pepper - Your Badass Business BFF Inc. is a creative agency for photographers and creative entrepreneurs. Stacey Owen, CEO, got the idea when she was on the brink of burnout running her successful photography business. She searched for a virtual assistant to help her with the business side of things and couldn’t find someone specific to the creative market, so she founded a company focused on helping other creative professionals by providing the support she couldn’t find.  

What started as a company providing virtual assistants slowly evolved into a creative marketing agency.

“We are geared to support photographers and creative entrepreneurs globally, handling everything from modern marketing strategies, content marketing strategies, newsletters, blogging and public relations, to Pinterest, social media scheduling, SEO, and more!” said Stacey.

The agency is entirely comprised of a badass team of women who all bring something unique and creative to the table.  

Pepper also founded Conference and Chill in 2020, a worldwide virtual photography conference. It brought incredible talent in the photography and creative industry from around the world to one place (online) to learn, ask questions, and build amazing relationships—not to mention the DJ-led dance parties and signature cocktails.

Pepper U is the company’s newest venture, offering a comprehensive course on marketing a business from the inside out, including step-by-step video modules and a year of phone calls with the entire Pepper team.  

“Pepper’s time at KIC was one of the absolute highlights of the last 3.5 years. We might have held the record for most times moving offices within the building, but we kept growing and needed the space to keep up. The relationships we built during our time there were incredible. So many like-minded people, collaborations, support, and friendships were found,” said Stacey.  

“We have and always will encourage anybody starting out in a tech-related business to go hang in the co-working space and immerse themselves in the KIC community.”